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EPA Friendly Cotton On Yoga Mat Bag

Everyone who does yoga knows that it doesn't start at the studio. Yoga starts at home with bag packing. So most likely, you don't want to be frustrated at that point. Using our unique and very nice looking EPA Friendly Cotton On Yoga Mat Bag will assist you in remaining calm and peaceful. No need to carry any of those extra bags to fit a towel, a bottle of water or your wallet. All you need to do is pack your stylish EPA Friendly Cotton On Yoga Mat Bag and head to the yoga studio. This Yoga Mat Bag has a big pocket on its side and is among the most convenient bags that our clients love using!

Size: 650mm*180mm*280mm. Fits most mat sizes - large storage space - has a large and convenient pocket on its side to stack your wallet, your keys, and your phone nestled in the waterproof inner bag design. It's also a good area for placing wet towels and clothes too. It even has a strap so you can carry it in either hand or on your shoulder of your preference.
Material: cotton
Prime quality colors available: khaki and blue.
Fits both men and women.

We bet you know how to make all of the advantages of our Yoga Mat Bag work for you. 
Saves Money: now you don't need extra bags.
Saves Time: packing is now the quick and fun part. 
Go ahead and improve your life with our EPA Friendly Cotton On Yoga Mat Bag that gives you confidence and peace.