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High-Quality Gym & Yoga Shorts

What is the most important feature in sportswear you would want to go with? We bet it’s comfort! While doing yoga or jogging you want to stay focused on what you're doing rather than get frustrated with your shorts too tight or they're baggy and inconvenient. Our Fitness Shorts are here to help you maintain or even improve your results in sports. They fit just right and allow you to accomplish what you're up to with a much greater pleasure and confidence.

Our Fitness Shorts are made of high-quality materials such as cotton (70%), nylon (18%) and spandex (12%). They are breathable, elastic and weight less than a feather a high waistband can be folded over to give more comfort. The thick and non-see-through fabric prevents any inconvenience made to dry quickly and show no difference between dry and wet Shorts. Won't shrink and are easy to clean. Produced in a variety of colors to make you look great and unique.

We all spend a lot of time doing sports. And we all want our Fitness Shorts to make us look excellent and provide the highest comfort. Choosing our Sports Shorts for Women you’ll be pleased with the quality and comfort they bring along. No more wasting time choosing between comfortable shorts and good looking ones. Our Fitness Shorts combine those two.