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Printed Fitness Backpack

Have you ever noticed how many different things you carry along within your day? Your phone, keys, wallet, tablet, etc. It's not quite convenient, is it? We designed our unique Drawstring Backpack to give you an extra hand with the things you carry with you. Our Drawstring Backpack is helpful, convenient, waterproof and extremely cute.

Size: 15.7” high and 13.5” wide.
Materials used: waterproof polyester.
Its weight is extremely light but nevertheless, the Bag is sturdy. It is easy to wash/clean our Drawstring Backpack has a drawstring to lock is designed in a variety of colors. Also has an internal pocket for small things like keys, credit cards, wallet or phone. Can be used for traveling, gym, hiking, just like your everyday bag or for shopping.

Time is a great value. And we're certain you don't want to waste it. Our gorgeous Drawstring Backpack will save your time on packing and your money. Cause now you won't need any extra bags or a purse when you're out shopping or doing sports. Improve your life with our Drawstring Backpack. Make it easier and much more convenient.