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Yoga Mat Bag

Carrying a bag to a fitness or yoga studio should be convenient and pleasant. Your workout always starts with packing a bag and ends with a bag unpacking. Our Yoga Bag is the one that fills you with confidence and calmness. Improving your life does take a Yoga Mat Bag that's made of prime quality materials. It goes in two different sizes to fit you the best.

size 1: length 72 cm, diameter 14 cm.

size 2: length 84 cm, diameter 14 cm.

materials used: high quality imported fabric.

Materials used inside are waterproof. A wet towel or wet clothes can be put in has an adjustable strap to be carried on a shoulder double zipper for convenient Bag opening has a portable side pocket for your phone, keys, wallet or a bottle of water can be used both by men and women.

Achieving goals in sports and yoga require order both in your head and in your bag. Our Yoga Mat Bag is just the right thing. No need to worry about your keys, phone, credit cards or wallet. They are all safe and sound in your Yoga Bag’s pocket. And you can carry all those things along with your yoga mat. All you need is one pouch. No more spending money on different bags for different things. Use your Yoga Mat Bag with joy and pleasure.